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  • Do you give private lessons or group classes?
    Normally I give private lessons — I like to make sure that my students get lessons that are optimized for the way they learn. On occasion I will give classes to pairs of students where each student gets half of the lesson time while the other observes.
  • What styles of music do you teach your students to play?
    My students play alot of classical and celtic music, since these styles work so well on the instruments I teach. I do add a smattering of pop and film music, if this inspires the student. My goal is to give my students pieces that they enjoy while broadening their musical horizons and introducing them to new music.
  • What is the youngest age you will teach flute or recorder to?
    A student must be at least five years old to take flute or recorder lessons since these instruments require finger dexterity.
  • Do you teach piano to teens or adults?
    No, I specialize in teaching piano to children under the age of 11. However, I do teach flute and recorder to students from the age of 5 until well past the age of retirment!
  • Do your students give concerts?
    Yes! Concerts are a wonderful way to celebrate a student's achievements. I hold an end of year recital at a nearby church. In March, I host a Celtic Music workshop for my students giving them the chance to play in a relaxed atmosphere acompanied by a live acoustic band. And, in June 2020 we had a very succesful online concert with over 150 views!
  • Do you organize groups for your students to play in?
    Yes, absolutely! Playing music together is so much fun and part of a well rounded musical education. Every spring I organize duos, trios and quartets for students to rehearse and perform with. My flute and recorder players are accompanied in the end of year recital by piano or guitar. And finally, our yearly Celtic party includes playing with a live band!
  • What kind of commitment do you ask from your students?
    Lessons not working out for you? No worries - they can be stopped at any time (with 48 hours notice) and any payments made in advance will be reimboursed.
  • What about lesson cancellations?
    I offer my students 4 ways to make up a lesson they can't make at their scheduled lesson time: 1. An online lesson 2. A time swap with another student 3. A recording or video assesment of their playing or 4. I spend their lesson time looking for ways to enrich their lesson by making an explanatory video for them to watch, writing a special piece for the student or finding music I know they would enjoy.
  • How do payments work?
    Students may pay a fixed amount each month or they may pay by semester. If paying monthly, students pay by e-transfer on the first of the month. If you need to stop your lessons permanently, I return any payments for lessons that you didn't have.
  • What do you charge for lessons?
    Please contact me for pricing information.
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