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Flute Lessons


Lessons for Children

Give The Gift of Learning

As a mom, I understand how kids tick!  Having taught music in the classroom, I know that every child learns differently.


My goal is to make playing music an enjoyable and enriching experience by finding the best tools to teach and motivate your child.  I use games, movement and duets in my lessons for children to keep the lesson interesting.

Flute lessons can be started as early as five years old using special curved headjoints to make the instrument smaller.  Sometimes, I will start teaching young children on the recorder in order to introduce basic musical concepts before moving on to the flute.


 I believe learning music is fun - and I want your child to think so too!

Lessons for Teens

Do You Play in The School Band?

Need a boost of self confidence when playing in band class? I promise I can help! It isn’t easy learning to play with 10 other flutists in a classroom (not to mention sitting in front of that loud trumpet section...).  Its amazing what some one on one instruction can do when it comes to learning how to make a really good clear flute sound, how to read music quickly and easily and how to decode those complex rhythms.

I also offer Get Ready for Band group classes to beginner flute students.


Maybe you’ve discovered that you love playing the flute in band  BUT, you are itching to move on to playing more challenging music... I’d love to help you develop more advanced flute playing skills. Learning how to play with vibrato, playing with dynamic, working on staying in tune, understanding complicated rhythms and performing pieces written for solo flute are all things we can work on together!

Preparing for Auditions

Leading You To Success

I’d love to help you prepare for for an important audition (i.e. for advanced school band for a CEGEP music program) or for the conservatory exam that will help you earn that extra high school credit.  I recommend at least six months (and preferably a year) of private lessons before auditioning for a CEGEP music program.  We'll make sure you have mastered all of the musical competencies that are required and then we will work on adding those extra elements to your performance that will make your audition shine.

Check out my theory classes as well! Often CEGEP entrance exams include basic theory and ear training knowledge.

Lessons for Adults

Always Dreamed of Playing Music?

Let me help you make that dream come true!

I have taught many adult beginners who had no previous musical experience.  You are some of my favourite students to teach!  We take things at a pace that is appropriate for you and the amount of time that you have to commit to playing the flute, with lots of flexibility around job and family commitments.


OR    Second Time Around?

Maybe you are coming back to playing the flute after some time off? I can help you get your skills back up so that you can enjoy playing music again.  I’d love to introduce you to playing in small groups, if that interests you.  And I’ve got lots of suggestions for new repertoire you can work on. 



Still Have Questions About Lessons?

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page here.

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