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Get Ready for Band Class

I am so excited to offer this 10 week group class! 



#FluteFUNdamentals Get Ready for Band is a 10 week group class that will give beginner flute students the skills and support they need to play flute with confidence and ease in their school band.




The very first challenge when learning to play the flute is making a beautiful sound! Learning how to do so in a noisy classroom setting with many different instruments isn’t always easy. As a professional flute player who has taught hundreds of kids to play the flute, I can give students the guidance they need to develop a big, clear sound. 


Band method books used in the classroom usually teach new flute players the notes required to play with the rest of the band.  In this ten week course, students will instead learn new notes gradually, starting with those that are easiest to play on the flute.  This gives players the time to master each fingering so they can later play with ease.


During class time, we will also focus on mastering tricky finger combinations, building breath capacity, improving note reading skills and most of all, we will have FUN playing music together!


Between classes, students will have access to extra instructional videos, online note reading games and other resources to help them flourish as flute players. 


Students will finish this 10 week class ready to succeed in band class and beyond!




This class is geared to students in grades 5-7.  




The classes take place over Zoom, from the comfort of your home!  No driving, traffic or juggling siblings’ activities…




We will meet from 6-7pm on Wednesday evenings.  




$200 for 10 classes.  This fee includes a free PDF version of the method book we will use,  Get Ready for Band by Sarah Broughton Stalbow.


BONUS! The first five students to sign up will get one free 30 minute private lesson valued at $35!


This class has limited spots so reserve yours ASAP. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


What does a student need to participate?


1) The first thing required is a flute! Most schools will rent or loan flutes to their students. If not, Long & McQuade, a music store with branches all over Canada, offers monthly flute rentals for a reasonable price.


 2) A computer, iPad, Chromebook or phone to participate in the weekly Zoom meetings.  I suggest using the device at home with the biggest screen (in order to see well).  Headphones can also be useful in order to hear clearly.



Will this class be compatible with what the student is already learning in band class?


Yes! This class works very well in tandem with participating in a band class.  Although students may not learn the same notes at the same time as they do in band class (we will progress through the notes in a flute friendly way), by the end of the 10th class, students will have learned the notes that will enable them to play with confidence up the following pages in the these band method books:


Essential Elements  p.33

Standard of Excellence p.29

Tradition of Excellence p.30


Can you give me more details about exactly what students will have learned by the end of the 10 weeks?


  • How to produce a big, clear sound

  • Notes: 1st Octave: D, Eb, E, F, G, A, Bb, B    2nd Octave: C, D, Eb, E,  F, G, A, B    3rd Octave: C, D, Eb

  • 5 Note Scales: F, G, Bb1, C2, G2

  • Full Scales: C2, F and Bb Major Scales.

  • Note Values:  eighth, quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes and quarter rests.

  • Articulations: Tonguing and slurring


What if the student is not in grades 5-7?


Older students who are just starting in band or who have recently switched to the flute can definitely benefit from this class.  


Those who have already played flute in band for 6 months or more but who are interested in learning more on the flute may want to consider private one-on-one lessons.  


Private lessons may also be more suitable for students not yet in grade 5 who are keen to try the flute. See (link to Lessons Tab) for more information about private lessons.


What if the student does not play in the school band?


This class can be used as an introduction to the flute for any student in grades 5-7, even if they don’t play in band!


Est-il possible de suivre le cours en français?


Faites-moi savoir si vous êtes intéressé à suivre ce cours en français. Si j'ai suffisamment d'élèves intéressés, j'ouvrirai un nouveau temps de cours en français.

Still have questions?  Drop me a line! 

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