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Piano Lessons

Girl Playing Piano

Piano Lessons for Children

Give The Gift of Learning

I want to figure out what makes your child excited to play music! 

As an elementary school music teacher, I saw that what works for one child may not work for another. As a mom, I noticed that certain ways of teaching sparked my children’s enthusiasm during their music lessons and motivated them to practise at home.

Every child learns differently and I'd like to find the tools that best fit your child's learning style. I intersperse different activities throughout the lesson to keep the student engaged. I use games, singing, listening and movement to teach different musical concepts.  

My introduction to piano lessons will provide your child with a  solid foundation in the basics of music as well as proper piano playing technique. The lessons are specifically geared for children between the ages of four and eleven. 


I believe learning music is fun - and I want your child to think so too!

Still Have Questions About Lessons?

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page here.

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