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Online Lessons

Why take online lessons? Convenience and Opportunity!

Online lessons give you the opportunity to study with a teacher who offers exactly what you need, no matter where you live.  Online lessons are convenient, saving you the cost and time of travelling to lessons.  No more worries about driving through snowstorms or scheduling siblings' activities.

And of course, taking lessons online is the safest option during a global pandemic.

Online Flute Lesson Debbie Reynolds

Some tips for successful online lessons

Children under the age of ten should have a parent nearby during an online lesson just in case we have technical difficulties.  Those under the age of 8 should have a parent present to help with taking notes (plus mom or dad get to learn as well!).

Not sure if online lessons work well as well as in person lessons?  Check out my blog entry on the subject.

What will I need for online lessons?


You will need a cell phone, iPad or computer.   I recommend using the fastest, newest device in your home to ensure the best internet connection. (You can test your device’s speed using

Microphone and Webcam:

Phones, iPads and laptops have webcams and microphones built in but if you use a desktop computer, you will need to have a separate webcam and microphone (these may already be integrated into your screen). After the internet speed, the quality of the microphone is the next important consideration when choosing between two devices to use for your online lesson.


Internet Speed

Your internet connection will need to have an upload speed of at least 2Mb/sec or better (you can check your internet speed at  ). Try to be as close to the router as possible for your lesson. Having your device connected to your modem via an Ethernet cable is even better! 


Many of my students wear an earbud in one ear while playing during the lesson. It would be ideal if the earbuds do not have a microphone or noise cancelling features.

Videoconferencing Platform:

For the moment I am using Zoom for online lessons. There are lots of new platforms being developed for music lessons so the platform may change! It is preferable to download the Zoom application onto your device. I will send you a link to access the lesson itself.

I will also send you a checklist to help you prepare for your first online lesson.

If you are someone who is less comfortable with technology, I am more than happy to help you set your equipment up for online lessons - sometimes all it takes is someone guiding you over the phone to get things working.

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